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Last week I posted about my unsuccessful 7 days on my bike. Work and social life replaced training. It was a fairly slow week.

This week was a contrast compared with last week. The training was completed as previously thought and every session was done with an added bonus. I managed to finish my first criterium race!

My main goals are to improve fitness and have fun on my bike. In the beginning of the last week a friend from the club mentioned that he was going to race in Hillingdon on Tuesday (27/06/2017). A race on Tuesday would be just replacing a Sprint session with a race, which turned out to be very successful.

The weather on the day of the race wasn’t promising and it proved to be a big challenge. We used the way to the race circuit as a warm-up. It was 25 km of medium effort ride with a few slow hill climb. All the way in the rain.

The track it self is convenient for beginners with a few tight turns and fast pace.

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Before the race we did a preride in the course to get acquainted with its turns, rises and descents. I instantly like the course and its challenges. During those laps a friend talked to me about where to stay and how to behave in the bunch.

All the riders lined up on the starting line. The rain didn’t stop and there weren’t many riders in the race. We started with something like 20-25 riders. Instantly the pace rose to around 40-45km/h average through the course. From the beginning I felt very comfortable, to the point of talking to other riders about my position and intentions.

The idea of racing on Tuesday was to add some high pace/sprint training to my week. Even though my final position wasn’t good I managed to finish my first criterium race. I rode with the bunch, fought for position, lead the bunch for a while, chased breakaway attempts. My only regret was of not holding the pace for the final sprint. I gave up during the last turn, around 300m to go with energy left in the tank.

Overall it was an awesome race where I learnt a lot about cycling in general.(Confidence while turning needs to improve. Pedalling out of corners)

Wednesday and Thursday I rode the planned training successfully. Although I need to point that underfeeding caused me probably low blood pressure on Thursday. I felt very light headed during the ride before stopping for a scottish egg and a cereal bar.

There will be a club ride tomorrow which I will ride to complete the weekly training. Tuesday training was now replaced by Tuesday racing.

FYI: I am writing this as I watch the first day of the Tour de France 2017. Go Froome !


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