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Whenever personal/work life gets in the way of your training what do you do ? Whatever happens DO NOT DO what I did. I simply didn’t train. WHY?WHY?WHY?

My training week started with Tuesday Sprints which I managed to complete successfully (Strava Activity). I was a bit tired from the training done in the first week and motivation wasn’t at all there, perhaps 6 out of 10.

Wednesday threshold ladders (Strava Activity) were almost skipped for lack of motivation and some leg pain. But I realised that the training was necessary. The whole session was a pain but it felt good that I managed to convince myself of its importance.

For some stupid reason I decided to skip Thursday. Even worse I didn’t cycle at all for the rest of the week including Sunday club ride.

I am taking the time now to document this, hoping that it won’t happen too often. Tomorrow I must be back at it. At least I am pain free and legs are completely restored.

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