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Done. The first week of training comes to an end. This week I loved the riding I’ve done. I followed the routine every day as I initially set them out. A Monday rest day, Tuesday sprints, Wednesday threshold ladders, Thursday Steady Efforts, Saturday 1h30m and Sunday WVS Club Ride(110km).

This was perhaps a little over what I am comfortable with. I’ve ridden a total of 325km this week, something I was not really used to. Additionally, temperatures here in the UK reached 30 degrees celsius making the ride a bit tougher than it could have been.

Time for rest. Despite all the effort made this week, I feel good. The legs feel a bit sore and tan lines aren’t great. But I think I did accomplish something this past days and hopefully it wasn’t at the cost of the next week. I hope I will be able to follow the 3 weeks of training I want to do.

It didn’t seem right to start the training with a rest day. Now I know why the rest day is there. Legs need to heal !

Data today:
Weight: 76 Kg
Legs: Feel sore
Position: Can improve, saddle appears to be tipped to the right.
Learn: Never train for long on an empty stomach. Meal prep is important.

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