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In the days following my First Ever Race I decided for some unknown reason that I wouldn’t ride a bike. Stupid decision I know.  I don’t understand why but motivation levels are low.

I need now to create a training structure that I can introduce to my daily routine and would be easy to follow. This training structure must have:
– Sprints 10 out of 10 efforts.
– Long ride to be on Sunday when club run happens
– Be able to use commute as warm up
– Mondays and Fridays Rest/Easy ride days

Looking on-line for training schedules that accommodate  my requirements I found This Simple Change to Your Training Week Yields Big Improvements!. A 3 day block + 2 day block with some power intervals seems to be ideal for what I need.

The schedule will be as follows:

PowerIntervals – 3 sets of 4x1minute intervals with 1min recovery between intervals, 4minutes recovery between sets. Cadence should be 100+rpm. Interval intensity is 10/10

Threshold Ladders – three 9-minute intervals with 5 minutes of recovery between them. During each 9-minute interval you’re going to hit three separate intensity ranges. The first minute is a PowerInterval (see above). Then you step down to ClimbingRepeat intensity (9/10, 95-97% of CTS Field Test Heart Rate, 96-100% of CTS Field Test Power) at 90-95rpm for 3 minutes. After that the final 5 minutes of the interval are at SteadyState intensity and 90-95rpm (8-10, 92-94% of CTS Field Test Heart Rate, 90-95% of CTS Field Test Power).

SteadyState Intervals – 3x10minute intervals at 90-95rpm. 5 minutes easy spinning recovery between intervals.

1h30m – 2h group ride pace

2+ hours long Group Ride with Watford Velo Sport

I am planing to start this schedule from the 11/06/2017.

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